Industrial Usage

Mobile devices have taken off in healthcare organisations, doctors and Healthcare providers use mobility to access information from patient data and electronic health records, e-health training and medical imaging. Healthcare providers can communicate with patients as well as patients able to connect with doctors on at home medical information, which also enables the Healthcare service to provide preventative care and at home medical care.

Media and the Telecommunication companies are undergoing rapid change. New business models are required to keep up with this growing need in this ever expanding market. Hyderu helps telecoms and media companies in the face of significant industry changes within organisations, enabling them to deliver what the client wants and expects from it’s mobility platform, using streaming or rich media that is securely used on mobility.

In our changing world tablets will one day become ubiquitous for all ages in all classrooms from kindergarten through high school and university, because of these differentiating factors. It will enable teachers and students to engage with new way of learning both in class and via e-learning. Synchronisation of examinations giving the teacher and education authority an on line view of how the students are progressing. Technologies give potential to help drive a much deeper educational experience. The new wave of tablet technology is allowing the students to view the world in a different way from the other side of the globe in an instant.

In utilities, mobility is being used in all areas especially for facilities management. The expanding functionality, and security required for facilitating work orders, managing plant surveillance, controlling digital signage content, and allowing communication in real-time with crews in the field. Mobility has become crucial in completing workflows and by increasing personal productivity and improve overall effectiveness on the job.