Mobility is about more than wireless connectivity. Combined with cloud it is changing business – to make it more immediate, more relevant, and more intelligent. Reaping the benefits of connectivity in the marketplace. Assisting companies to reap the benefits, and to speed up business-process strategies and move away from old paradigms. What is needed are professional, consistent and secure mobile business applications for the new age and the new worker. New categories of user are emerging, such as the information worker, field engineer, decision maker, problem solver and service worker. The outcome is that users are needing secure mobile applications to do everyday business.

Bunya is an embedded mobile device framework that provides businesses and administrators with the means to easily deploy and manage Android mobility within organisations of all sizes, while providing them with full control over security, applications and data.Our framework offers added benefits and enhanced security, Including device wipe and bulk upload (of new users and devices) It is upgraded to support new releases as they are made available.Administrators manage users’ access to corporate apps via Bunya in a highly secure environment, whilst having security features, enabling administrators to control permissions, and limit or extend the access and visibility for users based on their role within the organisation.How Bunya is embedded within mobility has allowed us to stop any application from running that isn’t in the ‘allow’ list. This assists in stopping malware being installed from unsecured applications.The product is available as SaaS or may be licensed and installed on your own servers and infrastructure allowing administrators to manage Bunya seamlessly on premises or in the cloud.

Stream is a messaging API – which saves on your monthly messaging and communications.Organisations need to communicate with clients, for example deliver service tokens, notifications and marketing. All organisations can benefit from using Stream, including gaming, health, shops, education, tourism, real estate and financial institutions. The cost savings on using Stream are significant against mainstream messaging options available.Using our API enables mobility a fast messaging application, and access to any data from backend systems, databases, and applications. While tracking, managing and analyzing usage for your digital marketing.

Zing is used by Telecom providers to manage mobile phones bundled with a contract, to disable the device in the event that the customer tries to make unauthorised use of it without notifying the Telecom, for example changes service providers or SIM card, or stops payment to the Telecom.  This gives the Telecom the assurance that they will receive payment for the mobile that has not been completely paid for by the purchaser or for a mobile that has been leased. Zing can also be used for reports of theft of a mobile to the Telecom hence rendering the mobile inoperable. The main benefit of Zing is that Telecoms have control over all mobility assets owned by its company.